Friday, September 24, 2010

Shadow children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Imagine a world where every third born child cannot live.If the Population Police find a third child, he is...toast.Luke Garner is one of them.His family has kept him hidden all his life,with Luke not knowing anything about the outside world.When Luke sees another third child hiding in his neighbors house,its a whole new begining.Once you start reading,you won`t want to put the book down.This is the book to read. -saucepan


  1. You're not going to hide your sister now, are you?

  2. Hey Geoff - Cam just posted the link to you and your brother's blogs. They are so cool! You are a fantastic writer and it seems like you really enjoy reading good books. This one sounds fantastic, I like books with kind of creepy plots! I remember once when I had a camper who hid in the rafters in the Loft for like 30 minutes. I wonder if they were a third child . . .
    I'm going to check your blog again soon, keep the reviews coming!