Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conspiracy 365 series by Gabrielle Lord

Cal Ormond's life is changed when he comes home to find his sister and uncle both seriously injured.He is forced to flee when the police accuse him of hurting both his sister and uncle.He soon becomes a wanted fugitive,living life on the run,and being falsely accused of many crimes.Gabrielle Lord did a great job writing this series,filling it with many cliffhangers and tons of edge-of-your-seat action.If you like Erec Rex or the Shadow Children series,you'll like Conspiracy 365. -saucepan

Five ancestors series by Jeff Stone

Cangzhen Temple was a peaceful place until Ying (Eagle), betrays the monks there to the evil Tonglong (Mantis).The Grandmaster is soon dead, and the five remaining Cangzhen monks-Fu (Tiger), Malao (Monkey), Hok (Crane), Seh (Snake),and Long, (Dragon)-must flee.They are forced to survive on their own,making many allies and many enemies.Each book in this series is fast paced and filled with action.If you like Erec Rex,Cressida Cowell,Gordon Korman,or 1oo% Wolf,this is the book to read. -saucepan

Monday, October 4, 2010

Swindle by Gordon Korman

Griffin Bing and Ben Hogan are very excited when they find a old and valuable Babe Ruth baseball card. But when they find out the dealer they sold it to ripped them off,giving them nothing compared to what its worth,Griffin and Ben will do anything to get the card back. But how will they get past the alarms and guard dogs that are waiting for them? Not to mention the cops? Gordon Kormon brings you on fast paced adventure that you cannot miss.

Friday, October 1, 2010

1oo% wolf:jayne lyons

Freddy Lupin is not a nrmal kid.In fact,he is not even a kid.He's a werewolf.On his ten-and-one-month birthday,Freddy will undergo his transformation.But he does not turn into a wolf...he turns into a POODLE,some of the worst enemies of werewolf kind.When Freddy finds out a werewolf hunter has started hunting his pack,he is the only one that can save them.But how?.This book is hilariosly funny,and will take you into the book so much,you won't want to leave.If you like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,or any other hilariously funny book,you will definitley like this book. -saucepan